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Do you have a WATER IQ?

June 20, 2007 Leave a comment

Visit the home page for “Water IQ: Know Your Water” — the campaign that educates utility customers and businesses about their water sources and provides simple tips on how to be more efficient with water. The rapid population growth in Texas, booming economic development and—for many parts of Texas—the worst drought in 50 years means water is in greater demand than ever before. As consumers, we need to use our limited water supplies efficiently no matter how much it rains.The good news is it doesn’t take much effort. If everyone does their part, we can make our water last.Go to or

What is a Tank Diver?

June 19, 2007 Leave a comment

Tank Diver

Tank Divers Clean Potable water tanks.  Certified divers are sealed in a Dry Suit.  The diver is actually in his own environment no part of the diver touches the water.  They are then washed down with a chlorene solution to meet AWWA standards.  Removing sediment from the floor of your water storage tank removes the habitat that may harbor bacteria and other contaminates.  This is a economical way to insure the maximum protection to public health.  Our method typically cost thousands less than draining the water. There is little or no disruption in your service with our tank cleanings and inspections.  Call our toll free number today for free price quotes, 1-888-481-1768. Please visit for even more information.


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Saving Water Is what we do…….

June 19, 2007 Leave a comment

Water Tower 

Mission Statement:

Ron Perrin Water Technologies was founded in 1997. Our service provides inspections and cleanings of water storage tanks.  Our Mission is to give our customers Tank & Tower inspections that deliver the most information for the least cost.  To provide cleaning services that will remove sediment, bacteria and other contaminates from water storage systems with little or NO DISRUPTION IN SERVICE.

Please visit our main company web site at to learn more about how we can serve you.  You may also reach us toll free at 1-888-481-1768.


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Ron Perrin Water Technologies is proud to sponsor this blog.  Our goal is to get people thinking about their water and allow utility officials to understand all of the choices they have when it comes to Inspecting and cleaning potable water storage tanks and towers. Our American owned, Texas based company offers Remote camera, ROV camera and Advanced Commercial Diving Services to the Northeast, Southeastern, Midwest and Southwest states. Although we are not an Engineering company we often ware contracted by Engineering & consulting firms to provide underwater services in the U.S. Our advanced diving and inspection services have been contracted in 5 states in the U.S. and we have done one International job to date in Mexico.  Our state of the art potable water tank inspection methods deliver the most information for the least cost.  When our inspection reveals high sediment levels our advanced potable water cleaning service removes sediment while it remains in a simi liquid form.  These underwater services save treated drinking water and allowing our customers to maintain the healthiest water system possible.  Call us for a free quote today, toll free at 1-888-481-1768 or visit our web site at

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