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Hurricanes and Water Systems

South Texas just officially welcomed our first hurricane of the season. Hurricane Hanna greeted South Texas with flooding, damaging winds, and power outages. Most people think hurricanes are very active in the summer months, but the most active month for hurricanes in the Atlantic is actually in September.

Though rain can be a relief in Texas too much of it can cause problems. If we look at the aftermath of what a Hurricane can leave in path, we can see flooding roads, fallen trees, and damaged structures. We have all seen the news showing what kind of destruction a tropical storm or a hurricane can cause. But what we don’t see is the damage it can do to our Water Systems.

After tropical storms and hurricanes have impacted your area, it is critical to complete an inspection to assess any damages that may have occurred. High winds can do damage to hatches, vent structures and air craft warning lights, and in some cases even be blown off.  Even the foundations of the storage tanks, like homes and buildings can be affected from severe rainfall and flash flooding. Without assessing the damages that can occur to your water tanks, you may be leaving openings that can allow birds, insects, and other pollutants to enter the tank.

As the hurricane season is just starting it is important to stay current with your TCEQ inspections. After disasters have occurred the most important necessities that people need is shelter, light, and WATER. By doing your inspections you can be sure your water system is prepared to provide your community with SAFE water.

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Ron Perrin Water Technologies is proud to sponsor this blog.  Our goal is to get people thinking about their water and allow utility officials to understand all of the choices they have when it comes to Inspecting and cleaning potable water storage tanks and towers. Our American owned, Texas based company offers Remote camera, ROV camera and Advanced Commercial Diving Services to the Northeast, Southeastern, Midwest and Southwest states. Although we are not an Engineering company we often ware contracted by Engineering & consulting firms to provide underwater services in the U.S. Our advanced diving and inspection services have been contracted in 5 states in the U.S. and we have done one International job to date in Mexico.  Our state of the art potable water tank inspection methods deliver the most information for the least cost.  When our inspection reveals high sediment levels our advanced potable water cleaning service removes sediment while it remains in a simi liquid form.  These underwater services save treated drinking water and allowing our customers to maintain the healthiest water system possible.  Call us for a free quote today, toll free at 1-888-481-1768 or visit our web site at

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