Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for Potable Water Service.

An ROV can be a big help to a water utility operator. There are two basic types of ROV’s to consider a Submarine type that has propellers for movement or a crawler type with wheels or tracks. The Sub type some call drones are excellent tools for underwater inspection. The ability to inspect the facility while it remains full of water saves time, water and money.


The crawler ROV can be equipped with a cleaning tip. The ability to remotely remove sediment is an excellent way to maintain water quality standards. Keeping tanks free of sediment removes the habitat that bacteria, protozoa and even viruses can use to get a foothold in your tank, grow and become a larger problem.

Ron and Robert Perrin Holding A Deep Tracker Sub-Type ROV Inspecting Fire Protection Tank at Coast Card Station in Galveston Texas (c)

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