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Warranty Inspections

November 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Warranty Inspections:


Our inspections are a valuable tool when used while your tank is still in warranty after construction or after a painting contract has been completed.  Allowing a painting contractor to perform his own warranty inspection is a little like hiring a fox to guard a hen house.  If he just did the painting it is in his best interest to tell you everything is ok.


Good or bad our report will show you what is going on inside and outside your tank, we cover it top to bottom.


Painting contractors offering low cost inspections are not much better.  It is their job to find work so they cam make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars contracting a paint job on your water tank or tower.


We do not paint tanks.  Ron Perrin Water Technologies inspects and cleans water storage tanks & towers.   We are the perfect company for a third party inspection.  Have you been told your paint is too thin?  We can take DFT (Dry Film Thickness Test) reading on your tank from top to bottom, upon request.  Our photos show you what is going on.  If you have peeling paint or surface corrosion a photograph is truly worth a thousand words.

If you do not have a problem you may be able to go several more years before investing in an expensive painting contract.  Either way the information provided in our annual inspection reports is worth its weight in gold and meets all requirements for your

TCEQ required annual inspection.


Call today our inspection reports start at only a few hundred dollars.


We include:

A detailed written report including digital photography

Narrated underwater video documenting interior conditions and sediment levels

Dry Film Thickness Testing  (DFT) in nine locations unless more are requested.

One Million Dollars general liability policy, workers comp., and vehicle insurance.




Call toll free today for your no obligation proposal.  1-888-481-1768


Calcium carbonate build up that was removerd from a 20″ line.

October 28, 2008 Leave a comment
Project to remove calcium carbonate build up

Project to remove calcium carbonate build up

Calcium carbonate build up that was removerd from a 20" line

Calcium carbonate build up that was removerd from a 20

Calcium carbonate  removal from a 20″ water plant line.
We went into the line as far as we could reach but due to the fact that
it was only a 20″ line we could not get back far enough.  Still this was
good experience in calcium carbonate  removal.
This is a problem in many plants and can effect gated and valves.  When the pipe 30 to 36″
diver can  effectively free up butterfly valves or open clogged lines.